The story of a photographer

As a Hair Dresser and Makeup artist for the last 10 years Angelle has a beautiful understanding of hi-lighting and capturing beauty. In the last 6 years, Angelle has worked as a model- in front of the camera-for many different photographers. Each one with their own unique style and assets; which has been the perfect transition for her to move behind the camera herself and start capturing the beauty that exudes from others.

Fun Facts about your Photographer:

In the last 5 years Angelle has worked as a Spoken Word Artist, Inspirational Speaker and Workshop Facilitator. She has been nominated for Awards for her Spoken Word and has worked with Grammy nominated musicans. She has traveled around the country working with so many amazing people and inspiring them to discover themselves, their beauty, their worth and their voice. This has easily translated into her passion for photography and capturing all of this in a single photograph.

Angelle wants everyone to feel welcome and beautiful just as they are. She has done non profit work with the LGBT community and donated her time for workshops and performances within the LGBT community and wants people to know they are safe working with her.

Her biggest goal is to encourage you to let your light Shine!

Angelle is an LGBT friendly photographer.

"I love beauty in all forms and expressions. I love creating and capturing beauty in others. I love seeing the way people light up when I capture an image that they love-that brings out their true self. There is such a power in capturing beauty; in seeing the art around you. I equally love the power in seeing yourself as beautiful, the beauty that is already within you. Accentuating the way that someone else sees them, even when they may not see it yet themselves. Photography is capturing those moments. It's freezing a moment in time that you see YOU! To see YOUR beauty, YOUR essence, YOUR confidence. Knowing that you are a work of art! Photography is what helped me feel beautiful for the first time in my life and I want to give that experience to everyone I work with. Photography has empowered my life and my hope is to empower yours!" 

"My biggest goal in my Portrait Photography is for my clients to see an image they love and to love the person staring back at them. Photography as an empowering experience."

additional services

As a Licensed Hair Dresser and Makeup Artist I offer packages that include my Professional Hair Styling and Make-up services for your session. They can also be added on to any session for an additional charge. (Please see the investment page for pricing options)

I send out a style guide to all of my clients to help them best prepare for their session and tips to feel their best. I also have some items in a client wardrobe that are available for use. I highly suggest professional Hair and Make-up for your photos, If you are investing in Professional Photography, Professional Hair and Make-up equally enhance the quality of the photos.



“I can't recommend Angelle Peace and her work enough. I hired her for my daughter Elizabeth to take senior portraits. I was so inspired by her beautiful images. I never could have imagined how amazing it would become. Angelle was flexible with scheduling as to the weather and even offered to travel for the shoot. Angelle with her background in beauty was able to do her makeup and knew how to help with her hair. So professional. The photos are so beautiful and my daughter had the best experience ever.”

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